7c. SHS Product Features Course – Part 3

7c. SHS Product Features Course – Part 3

Dish Smart Home Services (SHS) is an integral part of the overall services Dish provides to its customers. SHS consists of products and in-home services designed to enhance the customer’s entertainment experience, as well as establishing Dish as the leader of in-home smart-devices connectivity. Understanding the core concepts and techniques is important in order to be successful in meeting the goals and objectives for SHS established by Dish and CJ’s.

This course is just one of the steps necessary to put you on the path to becoming an “expert”  in Smart Home Services. You will be able to confidently recommend solutions that meet the needs of your customers, which will ultimately lead to a “best in class” experience.

This course consists of lessons, topics, and videos from the Dish Portal. Along with these there are quizzes after most lessons and/or topics. You must pass the quizzes and the final evaluation test in order to complete this course. You must achieve a score of 100% on each quiz and the final test to obtain your Smart Home Services Certificate of Completion. (Hint: the final evaluation test questions will come from the individual quizzes throughout the course.)

All independent contractors who have entered into a contractual relationship with CJ’s will need the Smart Home Services Certificate of Completion.

Tips when taking the course

  • This is the course home page. The course is laid out in 8 lessons with most lessons having topics associated with them. They are listed below. These have to be taken in the order they are listed. You can’t jump ahead.
  • In order to advance to the next topic or lesson, each one has to be marked complete. There is a button that will be present at the bottom left corner of the lesson or topic. Once you have finished reading/studying the section, click the “Mark Complete” button to advance.
  • For those sections with videos, the “Mark Complete” button will not appear until you have watched the entire video. I would encourage you to watch each video. There are several quiz questions where the answer is only found in the video itself. Most of them are less than 5 minutes. Plus it breaks up the learning process.
  • There is a quiz after each lesson. When you have passed it, there will be a “Continue” button in green. Clicking that button will mark the lesson complete and take you to the next one in line.
  • There are some topics that are just a video. Most all of those will have a quiz. When you finish watching the video, the quiz link will appear. You can re-watch the video again or portions of it. Click the quiz link when you are ready to take it. If you have trouble passing the quiz, watch the video again. The answer is in the video.
  • The course outline will also be in the right sidebar. You will notice as you complete each section it will be highlighted green to show you what sections have been completed, including quizzes.