Skills Evaluation

Skills Evaluation

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This course is designed to evaluate your skills and performance in the field as a Dish satellite technician. During your skills and performance evaluation period, you will accompany an experienced Dish satellite technician who has been identified as an authorized skills evaluator. You should be familiar with and recognize work performed in the field as either acceptable or unacceptable as it pertains to the standards and quality that Dish requires.

The material used to compile the questions for the quizzes were:

  • photos submitted by skills evaluators
  • the Skills and Performance manual
  • the Dish Portal.

Studying these will help prepare you with passing the quizzes and the final exam. Perhaps the most important aspect of learning is listening and observing during your time with your assigned skills evaluator and actively participating in the activities he or she asks you to do. Asking questions is also important so do not hesitate to do so.

Lessons consist of videos and topics. Once you watch the videos it will mark that lesson as complete. The topics are there to read and study. When you are comfortable with the information you can mark the topic as complete by clicking the button “Mark Complete”.

There are quizzes associated with lessons. You must complete the quizzes in order to get to the final exam.

The final exam will be used to demonstrate that you have successfully completed your skills and performance evaluation period.