Additional Wire Management

Additional Wire Management

Retail Price: $49.99

Tired of living with the maze of tangled wires behind your home-entertainment center or anywhere else in your home? DISH technicians will unplug and untangle that mess of wires then neatly tie and reconnect them for a clean and orderly look. Only available for purchase when ordering another service.  DO NOT USE ADDITIONAL WIRE MANAGEMENT TO CHARGE A CUSTOMER FOR ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

Installation Includes

  • Clean up and organize wiring
  • Conceal wires in paintable wire molding or in-wall

Not Included

  • Installing and/or moving electrical outlets
  • Installing power cords in walls*
  • Painting

*TV and accessory power cords are not rated to be run inside a wall

Did You Know?

  • Organizing cables makes it easier to manage peripherals and makes everything look a better behind the TV

What I Need to Do

ASK the customer:

  • Identify needs and opportunities
  • Inform your customer of what you identified
  • Offer the customer your solution
  • Respond to the customer

Here are some helpful hints for using the 4-step process to ASK customers about Additional Wire Management

Step 1: Excessive and/or cluttered wiring provides an opportunity to ASK the customer about Additional Wire Management

Step 2: Educate the customer that messy wiring is displeasing to the eye and makes it difficult to maintain the equipment

Step 3: Let the customer know that Additional Wire Management is a quick and simple solution to their needs

Step 4: If the customer wants Additional Wire Management, you can easily add to their credit card by using Beacon

To apply Additional Wire Management:

  • Unplug and untangle all wires behind the customer’s home entertainment center
  • Reconnect these wires in a neat and organized fashion
  • Use a zip tie to hold the wires together; do not over-tighten, as this could damage the wires
  • Conceal the customer’s existing video and audio cables behind the wall if necessary; this service does not include power relocation