Assembling the Antenna

Assembling the Antenna

Tools: 7/16” wrench, Phillips head screwdriver

Equipment: 1000.2 reflector and skew plate/arm, mast/footplate, hardware pack, plastic bracket, 1000.2 LNBF, estimated length of prepped messenger cable

Use additional skew bolts for skew angles greater than 110º or less than 70º.

Dish Assembly:

  • Gather and arrange the materials
  • Turn the reflector upside down, and empty the hardware pack into the lip of the dish
  • Adjust skew and elevation on the skew plate using the 7/16” wrench
  • Add two additional skew bolts/nuts to the skew plate for skew angles greater than 110º or less than 75º
  • Align the skew plate on top of the reflector
  • Insert reflector bolt into the hole on the reflector and push it through both the reflector and the skew plate
  • Attach a nut and tighten it by hand
  • Repeat the process for the remaining three holes
  • Tighten all four nuts using the 7/16” wrench
  • Feed the cable through the arm

Bracket Installation:

  • Align the posts inside the plastic LNBF bracket with the holes on the arm
  • Hold the bracket together on the arm using one hand
  • Hold a hex nut in place on the bracket with your finger
  • The Slimline bracket comes with hex nuts installed
  • Insert a bracket screw and tighten it using the screwdriver
  • Repeat the process for the remain screw

LNBF Installation:

  • Take out the 1000.2 LNBF
  • Attach the messenger cable to the LNBF
  • Do not connect cable to LNB-in
  • LNB-in is used when installing a wing dish
  • Not a common installation type
  • Torque to 30 inches per pound using torque wrench
  • Align the LNBF with the plastic bracket
  • Insert two of the remaining LNBF screws and tighten using the screwdriver
  • The last screw is used if installing a W bracket with three single LNBFs