AudioQuest 8′ Optical Cable

AudioQuest 8′ Optical Cable

Retail Price: $39.99 each

Our customers’ entertainment experience is vastly better when their video and audio components are performing optimally. DISH Smart Home Services is proud to introduce the 8′ optical cable from AudioQuest, a new solution to restore sound quality and help the customer enjoy a higher level of entertainment.

The HDMI cable from AudioQuest is widely used to improve video and audio quality. Now, with the AudioQuest optical cable, Technicians can provide the best audio experience for customers.

Product Information

AudioQuest has taken the concept used for the HDMI cable and applied it to the DISH-exclusive optical cable. The purpose of the AudioQuest optical cable is to reduce sound distortion and deliver disruption-free audio.

  • Same price and length as the 8′ AudioQuest HDMI cable
  • Same five-year warranty through AudioQuest

Using better quality connectors and materials in the AudioQuest optical cable, AudioQuest can reduce jitter, which is the corruption of timing and the primary source of distortion of digital audio.

Product Details

  • Low dispersion fiber
  • Precision polished fiber ends
  • Better geometry determines the electrical characteristics of the cable which reduces distortion
  • 100% quality control testing
  • Each cable tested for directionality
  • Supports any optical audio equipped device, including most 4K and 3D TVs

What’s in the Box?

  • 8′ Optical cable


  • Five-year product warranty
  • Contact DISH at 800-333-DISH (3474) for issues within 30 days of purchase date
  • Contact AudioQuest at 1-800-747-2770 for defective products

4-Step Asking Process

  • Step 1: Identify the opportunity
    • Customer who has or is purchasing a Polk Audio soundbar
    • TV with an optical audio input port that isn’t connected to the Hopper/receiver
    • Existing AV receiver with a generic or no optical cable being used
  • Step 2: Inform your customer of the opportunity you identified
    • AudioQuest uses better cabling components and better connectors
    • Better components equal better-quality sound
  • Step 3: Recommend the solution
    • Explain that the reduction in jitter will provide a better sound
    • Cables should maximize the performance of any system, not distract from it
    • Better sound to match the investment they’ve made in their entertainment
  • Step 4: Respond to the customer
    • Transact AudioQuest optical cable through Beacon (or an agent as needed)