Going Above and Beyond

Going Above and Beyond

This is a YouTube video. At the end there will be links to other videos. If you click on one, it will take you away from the CJs Performance site. If you do, just come back to the course and pick up where you left off.

This video is about customer service. Even though it is not about the satellite business nor DISH, this example of customer service applies to all those who engage with customers. Not to mention there’s a little humor and he tells a good story.

Take Aways

  • If you turn and walk away from a customer in their time of need, they will tell everyone they see, post on social media, and any other way they can spread the word (like the CSAT Survey) how terrible you treated them. Even if you did everything by the book.
  • Evelyn (the salesperson at Nordstrom) did not pass Mr. Lloyd off to someone else, tell him to come back later, etc. She accepted the responsibility of serving him and solved his problem. Which is what you do when you accept a job assigned to you by CJ’s. You accept the responsibility of serving that customer and meeting their needs and expectations or solving their problem.
  • When your service is phenomenal the customer’s monthly bill is less of an issue. At least with you as a technician. Also, the “little things” don’t blossom into “big issues”. A “mole hill” rarely ever gets turned into a “mountain.” You will get the benefit of doubt most of the time.
  • Nordstrom has an expectation for how their employees treat their customers. DISH has an expectation for how CJ’s treats its customers. In turn, CJ’s has an expectation of how you treat DISH’s customers. Hence the CSAT survey and why consistently getting great scores is so important.

“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you today.”

If this line, or something like it, is not one of the last things you say before you leave the customer, start using it. Come up with your own variation if you want. Leaving the impression of gratefulness with the customer is a powerful statement. One they won’t forget.