HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables

8′ Retail Price: $19.99
15′ Retail Price: $29.99
30′ Retail Price: $59.99

HDMI cables deliver superior visual and audio quality by combining video and multi-channel audio into a single cable. Upgrade your A/V cables to get the best quality picture and sound while eliminating the complexity of multiple cables.

Product Highlights

  • High speed with Ethernet
  • 360-degree shielded connector
  • Gold-plated (connectors)
  • Compatible with DISH receivers, Blu-ray DiscTM and DVD players, A/V receivers, gaming systems
  • Supports HD, 3D, 4K & SD TVs
  • Braided jacket (8′ only)
  • In-wall rated (CL3) (15′ & 30′ only)

Did You Know?

  • HDMI cables transmit high-definition video and multichannel audio among a wide variety of audio, video and computer products
  • Poorly made cables can allow noise and interference to compromise the signals coming from source components, resulting in a subpar listening or viewing experience
  • Upgrading to a better HDMI cable is an easy way to get a higher-quality video and audio experience in a single-cable solution that connects all the components of a home entertainment system, regardless of the manufacturer

What’s In The Box?

  • 8′, 15′, or 30′ HDMI cable

Technical Specs

  • Conductor resistance: 5 Ohms Max
  • Insulation resistance: 10 Megohms Min
  • Supports HD, 3D, 4K, & SD TVs
  • 19 Pin type A male
  • All materials RoHS compliant


  • One-year product warranty
  • Contact DISH at 800-333-DISH (3474) for issues within 30 days of purchase date

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