Install Surround Sound In-Wall Wiring

Install Surround Sound In-Wall Wiring

Retail Price: $399.99 Retail (21 WO Points)

Wish you had a commanding surround-sound system? DISH pros will skillfully install your 5.1 surround-sound speaker system. We’ll conceal those unattractive wires in the wall or in paintable wire molding, integrate the speakers with your A/V receiver, secure all wiring, label the TV menu inputs, and program your remote to work with your TV.

Installation Includes

  • Setup for two front, two rear, one center speaker and one subwoofer
  • Conceal wires:
  • In-wall wiring (in-wall service only)
  • Paintable wire molding
  • Tuck under baseboards or carpet
  • 16-gauge speaker wire
  • Connect and configure A/V receiver

Not Included:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Reattach baseboards
  • Painting

Did You Know?

  • Sound quality is the primary reason many consumers upgrade their TV’s tiny speakers to a surround sound system
  • Surround sound systems attempt to create a realistic atmosphere so listeners can hear footsteps approach from behind, cars recede into the distance, and other sounds that suggest movement within a three-dimensional space