Install TV on Wall (Product Information)

Install TV on Wall (Product Information)

Retail Price: $199.99 (9 WO Points)

DISH technicians will professionally install a flat-panel TV on the wall at an optimal viewing angle to maximize your entertainment experience. We’ll hide your TV’s wires to create a clean and stylish look for the room. You’ll be delighted with the saved space which is the perfect combination of form and function.

Installation Includes

  • On-wall installation of a flat-panel TV (up to 80″)
  • Choice of either ProConnect tilt wall brackets (24-80″) or small or medium full motion bracket (32″-55″)
  • Connect available video sources
  • Program the remote to work with the TV
  • Conceal wires in paintable wire molding
  • Label inputs on TV menu
  • Second technician to help safely lift the TV (> 41″ only)

Optional Upgrades

  • $99.99 Power Relocation including Power Relocation Kit and installation
  • $99.99 Large Full Motion Bracket (56″-70″) to adjust your TV to meet virtually every viewing need
    • Added to the Install TV on Wall service when the television to be installed is greater than 55″ for a combined retail price of $298.99

Not Included

  • TV cables
  • Installing or moving electrical outlets
  • Installing power cords in wall
    • TV and accessory power cords are not rated to be inside walls
  • Furniture assembly

Did You Know?

  • Benefits to installing a flat-panel TV on the wall include
    • Frees up space, which means less furniture in your viewing area
    • Less likely for your TV to be damaged from being tipped over
  • Theft deterrent since it’s harder to pull the TV off the wall than off a stand

Asking Customers

4-Step Process

  • Step 1: Identify a need for a wall mount
  • Step 2: Start a conversation about SHS’ professional TV Installation service
  • Step 3: Recommend an upgrade
  • Step 4: Inform customer of additional upgrades

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