Reports in Comet

Reports in Comet

My Metrics
The My Metrics page summarizes the data from the current quarter into 6 key metrics. TC 12, TC 30, DAR, CSAT, Hopper IP, Completion Percentage, OTA, and Units per Day. Clicking on any metric will allow you to drill-down into a summary and details view.

NOTE: The metrics displayed in the MY Metrics module are a reflection of the metrics measured on the company’s scorecard.

Steps to complete:

1. Navigate to: Reports -> My Metrics

2. Click on a metric. From the Summary page, select “Details” to drill into a given metric.

Trouble Call Report
The Trouble Call Report module allows a user to view their trouble call percentage for a desired date range in any category (i.e., Change 30, Repair 4-12-30-60, TC 4-12-60-90).

Steps to complete:

1. Navigate to: Reports -> Trouble Call Report

2. Enter your Start and End Date

3. Select your report from the drop down

4. Select your Source (i.e., Internal vs. Dish)

5. Select Submit to view the detail of the report (screen shot #2)

*NOTE: The details link will display the work order information for both the numerator (Repeat Work Orders) and the Denominator (Total Work Orders)