Screen Cleaner 2 Pack

Screen Cleaner 2 Pack

Retail Price: $24.99

Clean every smart device in your home with the new SHS Screen Cleaner. New packaging comes with 2 bottles (6 oz. and 2 oz. and 2 clothes)

Product Highlights

  • Cleans HDTV and computer screens, laptops, tablets, smartphones, appliances, and eyeglasses leaving an anti-static finish!
  • 100% nontoxic & alcohol and ammonia free
  • Meridrew Enterprises

Did You Know?

  • Most consumers have no idea what to clean their screen with. Our screen cleaner gives them a safe way to ensure on their electronics are always clean and have a fresh clean look.
  • Used by NASA, Disney, Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, and ViewSonic

Purchase Options

  • Onsite from Technician
  • Ship to customers by calling 800-333-DISH (3474)
  • Order online at > Login > My Account > Order From Store

What’s in the Box?

  • 6 oz bottle of screen cleaner
  • 2 oz bottle of screen cleaner
  • 2 Antibacterial microfiber cloths

Warranty Information

  • Within 30 days from purchase date contact DISH at 800-333-DISH (3474)

4- Step Recommend Process

  1. Identify Opportunities
    • Clean all screens in a household to show the different use cases for the screen cleaner
    • Cleaning Steps
      • Step 1 – Power off TV or device and let it cool down for a couple minutes
      • Step 2 – Spray cleaning solution on cloth, not directly on TV or device
      • Step 3 – Wipe TV or device until fully cleaned
      • Step 4 – Use dry side of cloth to buff off excess residue or cleaner
  2. Inform Customer
    • Advise that your anti-static, ammonia free cleaner will help protect TVs and devices
    • Mention notable organizations such as NASA, Apple, and Disney use the same screen cleaner
  3. Recommend Solutions
    • Recommend weekly cleaning to remove fingerprints, dust, and debris
    • Advise the screen cleaner is available for $24.99, then ask if the customer would like to purchase
  4. Respond to the Customer
    • Utilize Beacon to complete the transaction
    • If Beacon is unavailable call 866-688-DASH (3274)