Set Up Power Relocation (Product Information)

Set Up Power Relocation (Product Information)

Retail Price: $99.99 (3 WO Points)

Need to hide your TV cords but don’t like the look of wire molding or the thought of costly electricians? Skilled DISH technicians will install a Power Relocation Kit ingeniously designed to drive power up the wall to your wall-mounted TV and any other A/V cabling, eliminating the need for wire molding or costly electricians.

Installation Includes

  • Power Relocation Kit
  • Installation of Power Relocation Kit in a single stud bay
  • Conceal all wiring in wall

Not Included

  • Installation across multiple stud bays
  • Installation greater than six feet from an existing outlet

Did You Know?

  • Power relocation services are a great way to hide ugly power cords without the expense of an electrician