Set Up Wireless Network

Set Up Wireless Network

Retail Price: $99.99 Retail (3 WO Pts)
($49.99 for dishNET Satellite customers – $50 discount credit is applied to customer’s account)

Need an in-home wireless network? No sweat. Let DISH’s expert Technicians install, configure, and secure a new wireless router so you aren’t chained to network cords. A wireless network will give you the flexibility to use your mobile devices from the comfort of your couch, porch, or wherever in the house is most convenient. We’ll also connect as many as four wireless devices to the network including your smartphone, tablet, computer, printer, or gaming system.

Installation Includes

  • Wireless router
  • Wireless router installation
  • Installation of router software on one computer
  • Password protect network
  • Connect as many as four devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet, computer, printer, gaming system) to your wireless network

Not Included

  • Internet service
  • Set up file sharing
  • Software installation (except router software)
  • Installation of any additional hardware or devices

Purchase Options

  • Available while Technician is onsite with the customer
  • Order online by calling 800-333-DISH (3474)

Did you know?

  • Benefits of wireless networking include accessing files and printers from anywhere in your home and the ability to game with friends and family online
  • Wireless networks also eliminate the need for costly, ugly, and dangerous wires trailing all over your house, as well as drilling holes in walls to establish wired connections

4-Step Recommend Process

  1. Identify Opportunities
    • Look for customers who don’t have a wireless router or have a lower performing router but own multiple devices that can be connected to the Internet wirelessly
  2. Inform the Customer
    • Ask questions such as:
      • Do you currently have internet in your home? If so, is it secure?
      • Do you have a printer with wireless capabilities?
      • Do you have an internet enabled game system like an Xbox, PlayStation 3, or Wii
      • Is your TV or DVD player internet enabled?
    • Educate the customer about the benefits of Wireless Network Setup
  3. Recommend Solutions
    • Advise customers that Wireless Network Setup is a great and secure way to provide wireless Internet to almost all of their electronic devices
    • Advise that you can set up the Wireless Network Setup for just $99; or $49 if they are a dishNET customer
    • Ask the customer if Wireless Network Setup is something they would like to purchase
  4. Respond to the Customer
    • Utilize Beacon to complete the transaction If you are Smart Home Services certified and can perform the service on the spot, utilize Beacon to complete the transaction