What is an Independent Contractor

What is an Independent Contractor

Many independent contractors (ICs) start earning money without really planning on it. Before they know it, their sideline projects have become legitimate businesses — which means that they must fulfill some basic business start-up requirements. Whenever you provide services and get paid, you must comply with several government rules, even if you work only a few hours per week.

At a minimum, do these six things when you are first starting out as an independent contractor:

  1. Make sure you really qualify as an independent contractor
  2. Choose a business name (and register it, if necessary). Register for a Limited Liability Company LLC- in the state you will be working in  (Secretary of State) website is quicker
  3. EIN Get a tax registration certificate (and a vocational license, if required for your profession). www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed
  4. File for your General Liability Insurance with Hiscox insurance they are cheaper #  866 283 7545.
  5. Pay estimated taxes (advance payments of your income and self- employment taxes).
  6. Get your Reaffirmation filled out within 3 days of your Field assessment to stop delays of being taken out of the process. You can have it emailed or pick one up at your local office to get it notarized.

All contractors must have a White vehicle that can include the following:

  • Mini Van
  • Truck
  • SUV (upon approval)

We must hold to Dish Standards and follow their time frames as far as Independent Contractors.

  • Time off: we need to make sure we are giving 72-hour notice to accommodate Dish Network’s Customers. This is not optional.
  • All Self-Employed contractors are required to work Saturday, Sundays and Mondays to fulfill Dish Network customer’s work orders
  • Even with being Self- Employed only authorized Technicians can ride in your vehicle while doing your route. This is not optional.
  • We hold ourselves to Dish Network standards we are required to wear A CJ’S Satellite Polo
  • An ID badge for customers to know who you are. We also must make sure your pants have no holes and are professional looking.
  • If you decide your going to take more than 3 days off, then all your equipment must be handed in to assure you receive your paycheck on Friday. This will be a full Audit so make time to do so with your warehouse manager.
  • With COVID-19 going around you must wear a face mask no matter if customer tells you not to. This is part of your uniform and will be a required PPOE.
  • The other requirement is shoe covering for your boots.

We take a lot of pride in making sure we take care of Dish Network customers. Please make sure to activate your route no later than 6am. This allows us to know you have looked at your route and will be on the morning phone call.

All the Technicians leave the warehouse with a lot of money in inventory. Please make sure the equipment is always safe.  If anything happens to the equipment you are responsible for it – not anyone else. Keep it safe!

Things that will get you banned from Dish Network for life:

  • Using your credit card (or taking cash) to make a customer’s Smart Home purchase
  • Stealing from a customer
  • Staying at a customer’s house for a drink and hang out time
  • Going to a customer’s house without a work order created