Best Credit in the Home

Best Credit in the Home

When using Klarna, someone is actually applying for credit. The primary user on the Dish account may not be the best credit worthy person in the home.

Keep in mind that a spouse not listed on the account with Dish may be the best candidate for getting approved with Klarna. When discussing these issues please inform the customer of that option.

If the customer wants to have another person complete the application from Klarna, be sure and change the email address of the Dish account (using Beacon) BEFORE you select Klarna as an option for completing the SHS purchase. Remember, Klarna will send the link to complete the application to the address on file with Dish.

When you discuss these options with the customer, keep in mind this can be a sensitive issue. You want to avoid any embarrassment for the customer resulting from a declined application if possible. Suggesting to the customer that the person in the home they believe has the best credit to complete the application may be a way to do it.

The other advantage of addressing this issue at the beginning is that you won’t have to repeat the process with another email address and another person if the initial application is declined.