Close the Deal

Close the Deal

A common mindset of technicians is just to “get in and get out”. The quicker the better. Move on to the next job, complete the route for the day and get home. The CSAT survey is something that we deal with only after we’ve finished the job. We will go over the CSAT survey “if we have time.” Although there is nothing wrong with working quickly and finishing our work, customer service and satisfaction should not be sacrificed for the sake of saving time.

One key factor often overlooked when it comes to providing “best in class” customer service is explaining the CSAT survey to the customer and preparing them for what to expect. It’s also important to emphasize how important it is to you that they feel extremely satisfied with you and your work. Try saying something like the following:

“I focus my efforts on ensuring my customers feel extremely satisfied with me and my work. I trust that you feel extremely satisfied today as well.”

This statement needs to be genuine and in your own words. If these words work for you then use them. Otherwise, craft your own “closing message” that hits on the same points.

As long as you:

  1. showed that you care;
  2. kept the focus on the task at hand; and
  3. fulfilled the promise by completed the job right the first time;

you are now in a position of asking for their assistance when it comes to the CSAT survey. But you can’t assume they will take it upon themselves to even take the survey – you have to ask for their help. Prepare them to expect the email and complete the survey.

Points to remember when discussing the survey with the customer:

  1. Don’t say “CSAT survey”. Use “customer satisfaction survey” instead.
  2. The survey is emailed to the email address on the customer’s account. Confirm that the person on-site during your visit will be the one who takes the survey.
  3. There are only 2 questions on the survey that require an answer: (1) Where you home (if they select someone else was there the survey ends) and (2) Refer Tech. All the remaining questions are optional.
  4. Know the questions that will be asked on the survey. The survey for a New Connect Video is different than the survey for a Repair Video. The Core questions are asked on every survey, so you need to know which Dynamic questions will be asked based on the type of job you are doing.
  5. Tell the customer if they are unsure how to respond or answer one of the remaining questions, they can skip the question.
  6. The survey link that is emailed to the customer is valid for 72 hours. They will receive a reminder email to take the survey if they haven’t done so within the first 24 hours. After 72 hours they will not be able to take the survey.
  7. The survey can only be taken once. No retakes and no way of “changing an answer” once the survey has been submitted.
  8. Your overall CSAT and NPS score is calculated from the questions the customer answers. You are not penalized for the customer skipping questions. There is no need to explain this to the customer.
  9. Use the link to the example survey and show the customer what the survey looks like and how to take it.