Lag Bolts

Lag Bolts

Lag bolts are used to secure the mast to surface/structure. All mast installations require 6 lag bolts. There are two lengths used: 3″ and 2″. The longer 3″ lag bolt is used for the center holes in the mast that should be screwed into a rafter and/or stud. The shorter 2″ lag bolts are for each corner of the mast.

The only exceptions to using 6 lag bolts for mast installations are:

Brick/concrete block surfaces

This surface type only requires the 4 corner holes to be used. A 1/2″ hole is drilled and lag/lead shields are used with the 2″ lag bolts. Clear silicone is used to seal the holes. The holes for the lag bolts that secure the mast CANNOT be installed into mortar joints.

Fascia Plates

A fascia plate is used when the foot is too wide for the structure to which you are installing the mast. If you can’t install 6 lag bolts into the structure itself, a fascia plate should be used. Fascia plates require at least 4 lag bolts that are installed thru the mast on top of the fascia plate and into the structure. You may be able to install a 5th lag bolt thru the fascia plate itself. The two center holes of the mast must be used. The remaining holes of the mast will align with holes in the fascia plate, for which bolts, nuts, and washers are used to complete the mounting of the mast with all 6 mast holes used.