Nest Cameras SHS Installation

Nest Cameras SHS Installation

This lesson is designed to provide installation steps for SHS sales of the Nest IQ Indoor Camera and the Nest IQ Outdoor Camera.


  • Gather required tools and materials
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Silicone
    • Drill
    • Drill bits
      • 1/2” drill bit (cable hole)
      • 7/32” drill bit (anchors)
      • 3/32” drill bit (pilot holes)

Customer confirmation

  • Put on boot covers before entering the customer’s home
  • Confirm that you will be installing a Nest IQ Camera (indoor or outdoor)
  • Confirm that you may be required to drill new holes in the customer’s home
    • Get customer approval before making any wall penetrations
  • Confirm that the customer has wifi and smart mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • Provide the estimated job length to the customer

Site Survey

  • Identify the camera location with the customer
    • Recommended 7’-10’ above the ground
  • Determine cable route and possible penetration points (required for outdoor cameras only)
    • Outdoor cameras must be plugged into an indoor power outlet
    • Consider cable length from camera to outlet

Nest Account Setup

  • Have the customer download the Nest app on their mobile device
  • If they do not already have one, have the customer create a Nest account.
    • Create an account through the Nest app or go to
  • Verify the customer’s smart phone or tablet is connected to the correct wifi network and the Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled.
  • In the Nest app, select Settings then Add Product
  • Scan the QR code on the camera
  • Pick a location name for the camera
  • Temporarily place the camera in the desired location to test wifi connection
    • Plug in the camera to an approved outlet
    • Connect the camera to wifi
      • Connect to the same network as the mobile device being used for setup
  • Test the camera’s video feed
    • If the camera does not connect to the wifi network or the video stream is interrupted, the camera may need to be moved to an area with stronger wifi signal
  • If wifi connection is not sufficient, work with the customer to find an alternative location.

Placing or Mounting the Camera

Indoor cameras

  • Place the camera on a flat horizontal surface
    • Recommended 7’-10’ above the ground
  • Plug in the camera to an approved outlet
  • On the customer’s device, test the camera’s video stream with the Nest app
    • Pivot the camera to adjust the viewing angle as needed

Outdoor cameras

  • Determine cable route
    • Camera can be installed directly over the cable hole or the cable hole can be drilled closer to the indoor outlet with cable running outside of the home
    • Consider the cable length (25ft)
    • Consider plumbing, wiring, and duct work at penetration points
  • Hold the wall plate in the mounting location and mark holes with a pencil
    • Make sure the wall plate’s cable notch points in the direction of the cable route
  • Get customer confirmation before drilling any holes
  • Use a 1/2” bit to drill the center cable hole
    • Tips:
      • Identify a reference point
      • Measure both entrance and exit points
      • On wood – drill inside-out
      • On brick – drill outside-in
    • Steps:
      • Clear both entrance and exit points
      • Inspect for obstructions
      • Drill through the wall
  • Drill holes for screws
    • For hard materials like brick, use the 7/32” bit and the included anchors
    • For softer materials, drill pilot holes using the 3/32” bit
  • Apply silicone to holes and baseplate
  • Attach the wall plate to the wall using the included screws
    • Make sure the wall plate’s cable notch points in the direction of the cable route
  • Run the power cable through the hole to the interior outlet
    • The end with the gray rubber ring will be attached to the camera
  • Plug the power cable into the camera until it clicks
  • Attach the camera to the base plate
  • If cable is run along the exterior walls, secure using the included cable clips
  • On the customer’s device, test the camera’s video feed with the Nest app
    • Pivot the camera to adjust the viewing angle as necessary


  • Provide customer education
    • Using the Nest app
    • Speaking through the camera
    • Video settings
    • Alert settings
    • Nest Aware subscription benefits
  • Transact sale in Beacon
  • Leave remaining parts and documentation with the customer
    • For outdoor cameras, explain how to detach the camera using the included hex key
  • Have the customer sign mobility device to confirm work performed
  • Thank customer
  • Ensure you have all tools and equipment
  • Return to vehicle
  • Update appointment status to “Complete”
  • Depart

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